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eRx Prescription Management Software

eRx provides one standard way to order and manage prescriptions for your entire staff, reducing the amount of phone calls, rejections, and expensive medications.

Reduce the amount of high cost medications that are ordered by your staff.

Auto Recommendations
Get auto recommendations of cost effective alternatives at the time of ordering.

Real-time Formulary Approvals
Add/remove medications to the formulary in real-time.

Cost Estimator
Medication cost estimates provided at time of ordering.

Save each member of your nursing staff up to 5-10 hours per week.

ePrescribing by Doctors (all controls & non-controls)
Doctors can prescribe from their phone, tablet or computer.

eRx Ordering by Nurses (non-CIIs)
Nurses can send medication orders by verbal confirmation or attaching a hard copy from their phone or tablet.

Auto Notifications
Keep everyone in the loop through auto notifications when a prescription needs attention (e.g., non-formulary approval required, CII signature).

Cycle Fill
Reduce emergencies by syncing all patient medications to come due at the same time and ensuring that prescriptions are refilled timely.

Get the education and support you need to reduce your pharmacy costs.

eRx Med Reviews
Request additional med reviews and track all med reviews coming due.

Pharmacist Consultations
Get the needed help by consulting with our hospice pharmacists.

24/7 Client Support
Get the needed support, by talking to one of our client support professionals 24 x 7.

Warnings & Drug Information
Important drug information (ex. primary uses) and real-time warnings for interactions/duplicate/allergies while ordering.

PBM Pro Service

We’re happy to handle all of your Pharmacy needs.

Get all the benefits of eRx plus all the services of an industry-leading PBM, including:

Nationwide Pharmacy Network and Claims Processing
Fill prescriptions through our network of over 70k pharmacies.

Executive Dashboard
Get real-time visibility into your current PPD through our executive dashboard that directly correlates cost to drug utilization.

Advanced Reporting
Lower your pharmacy bill by leveraging real-time visibility into ordering trends, including reports by patient cost, drug cost, diagnosis cost, non-formulary cost, and much more.

Invoicing Portal
Get complete visibility and control over your invoice:

  • See what prescriptions have been billed by the pharmacy within minutes of ordering
  • Dispute claims with the pharmacy with one-click disputing
  • Easily identify non-hospice covered medications and request for removal
  • Set a notification of any prescription that is above a dollar amount
  • Advanced invoice analysis

“I love the ease of HospiceMed.  The executive dashboard allows me to effectively monitor costs and usage with advanced reporting options that show nurse usage, individual  patient costs and high cost medications.  The nurses love the app.  It allows them to place orders quickly with no errors in translation over the phone. It’s a great service!”

– Emily B. , Executive Director

Choose wisely.

Use our eRx prescription management software with your existing PBM or take advantage of our full-service PBM Solution.

eRx Prescription

Complete prescription management software for your hospice agency.

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Full PBM Pro

Everything you would expect from an industry leading PBM with eRx

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