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Our Story

HospiceMed was founded by a PharmD who had a life-changing experience with hospice. While under hospice care, one of his close family members didn’t receive quality end of life care, prompting him to look into ways of improving hospice patient care which included better coordination of all care team members. The result is a system of solutions that connect and empower each member of the patient care process while saving the hospice agency valuable time and resources.


People First.

Our focus is simple. Build solutions that make life better for people first and your business will succeed.

Think Big.

We keep you, your patients, DONs, nurses, administrators, MDs, and pharmacists top of mind at every step.

All Systems Go.

Better technology means better business. Our systems reduce and/or eliminate the inherent friction between hospice care team members.

Always Deliver Results.

Our dedication to reducing drug cost, increasing staff efficiency, and improving patient care is unsurpassed.


Thank you for so much for all you and the entire HospiceMed team have done to ensure our success in this transition! The robust reporting allows our clinical leaders to coach our team to better decisions, our RN case managers are more productive and confident in their decisions, and our patients and their caregivers have improved outcomes!!! So happy 🙂

Theresa Y., CEO

I love the ease of HospiceMed.  The executive dashboard allows me to effectively monitor costs and usage with advanced reporting options that show nurse usage, individual  patient costs and high cost medications.  The nurses love the app.  It allows them to place orders quickly with no errors in translation over the phone. It’s a great service!

Emily B. , Executive Director

We had stopped servicing hospice because it was very time consuming and hard to manage.  With HospiceMed we have been able to do more with less; they have solved those issues.  The system has removed a lot of potential for human error caused by having to verbally take an order and then write that information down.  eRx has streamlined ordering and made the fulfillment process much easier due to a reduced number of phone calls inside the pharmacy allowing us time to do more with less. We no longer have to track down hardcopies for the CII medications with the EPCS process.  When there is a question or problem the support staff at HospiceMed is very accessible and resolves things instantly so that we do not have to wait on a resolution.

Shane J. , PharmD

Hospice med has been invaluable to our agency! Reliable, dependable, customer service focused and patient centered. The cost savings have been beneficial to our agency in this changing climate.  The reports are invaluable and the real time updates help make decisions to keep cost down, but not sacrifice patient care, have been irreplaceable to our agency. I can’t imagine not having the services that HospiceMed provides.


We have been using HospiceMed for quite a time now and I love it.  It saves on cost: We are alerted when there is an expensive medication.  We are also able to have the information at our finger tips for live PPD.  The group at HospiceMed has worked with us on billing issues as needed.  Their team is always helpful and downright fabulous to work with.  If you are thinking our using HospiceMed:  DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, JUST DO IT.

Lisa B. , Director of Professional Services

HospiceMed has allowed me to take better care of our hospice patients.  I am able to talk with the consulting pharmacist, Rebecca, at HospiceMed whenever I have a question.  eRx automatically notifies me when there is a medication that needs my attention and allows me to easily take care of it from my smart phone.

Bretton N. , Hospice Medical Director, Rocky Mountain Hospice; Hospice and Palliative Medicine Board Certified

HospiceMed has provided us with the insight and visibility that we require to run a successful hospice agency.  Through eRx I am able to set up auto notifications that alert me immediately, via text message, when there is a medication that needs my approval, or when a medication exceeds a specific dollar amount.  With the reporting and invoicing options in eRx I am able to monitor what my case managers are ordering and quickly respond if there is something being ordered that we would not normally cover.  Requesting a reversal from a pharmacy is quick and easy which lets me get back to my other tasks.  If I do run into any problems I know that I can quickly get in touch with the support team at HospiceMed and they will get things taken care of.

Roland A. , Director of Nursing

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