Hospice Schedule II Controlled Substances

Federal law allows faxed copies of CII prescriptions to act as original copies. The faxed prescriptions must have the following:

  1. Patient name, address and DOB
  2. “Hospice Patient” or “Terminally Ill Patient” noted on the prescription
  3. Name and strength of the prescribed medication
  4. Quantity written both numerically AND long hand (required in most states)
  5. Printed name, signature, DEA number, and address of the prescriber
  6. Any state-specific requirements

If any one of these items is missing the pharmacy CANNOT fill the prescription. Please be sure all prescriptions sent to the pharmacy meet these requirements so patients get medications in a timely manner.

A CII prescription written for a hospice/terminally ill patient may be filled in partial quantities from a total quantity. The sum of all partially dispensed quantities of the CII medication must not exceed the total quantity prescribed. The CII prescription can be partially filled for up to 60 days from the date the prescription was signed by the prescriber.

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