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Let’s face it.
Hospice care
is complicated.

You need a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) that makes life better for each member of the hospice care team.

hospice care team

Our solutions help the hospice care team come together resulting in optimal patient care.

See examples of how we do it below:

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PBM Pro Service

A full-service PBM solution for hospice agencies.

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Invoicing Portal

Our invoicing portal allows you to analyze your invoices and gives you complete control over them.

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Stay compliant with CoP Med Review requirements with our easy-to-order med review option.

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eRx Mobile Ordering & E-Prescribing

Enable prescribing practitioners to write and send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically instead of faxing or calling in prescriptions.

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Save valuable time by avoiding double entry of patient demographic and medication data with our EMR integrations.

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Pharmacy Consultations

Improve hospice knowledge through regular consultations with one of our hospice pharmacists.

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We provide education on what should be hospice covered, the estimated cost of the drugs, and alternative medications that are more cost effective-all at time of order.

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Advanced Reporting

Get real-time visibility into your hospice agency’s ordering trends, including reports by patient cost, drug cost, and much more.

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Mail Order Pharmacy

Experience the convenience of medications delivered through our mail order pharmacy option.

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Client Success

Get the support you need, when you need it by talking to one of our caring Client Success professionals 24/7.

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Finally, a PBM you can LOVE…

Our mission is simple: Help you make your hospice agency more successful by helping each member of the hospice care team, resulting in optimal patient care. We work hard to put smiles on the faces of the dedicated and caring hospice-care professionals we serve.

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+ Smarter Technology

From mobile ordering for nurses to e-prescribing for physicians (both controls and non-controls) to fewer phone calls for pharmacists.

+ Greater Visibility

From our PPD tracking dashboard for executives to our real-time ordering dashboards for administrators and DONs.

+ Amazing Support

From hospice education to automated pharmacy recommendations, we support your entire team throughout the entire hospice care experience.

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